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Vintage Carlsbad Coasters

Client: City of Carlsbad

Description: This set of four digitally illustrated coasters were created as volunteer appreciation gifts for the City of Carlsbad’s volunteer department. They depict Carlsbad landmarks as they appeared in the mid-1900s and feature quotes on the back from different eras. Both sides reinforce the concept that the goodness of volunteering is timeless and makes a lasting impression.

Scope: Collaborating directly with the Volunteer Coordinator for the City of Carlsbad, I was involved in all aspects of the design and production process. I assisted with brainstorming, researching production costs, communicating with the client to determine design style, typography and color palette, producing digital illustrations from reference photos acquired through the Carlsbad Library database, revising according to client feedback, and preparing pre-flight files to printer’s specifications.

Vintage Carlsbad Coasters — Izzy Cuibus | Graphic Design

From left to right: Carlsbad Train Station, the Twin Inns, Frazier’s Well and the Magee House

Vintage Carlsbad Coasters — Izzy Cuibus | Graphic Design